Sunday, June 22, 2008

Clint Eastwood has a new fan.

For all those of you, who have not seen “True Crime”, just let go of everything and go get the DVD. If you like murder mysteries, this one is for you. If like thrillers with nail biting climaxes, True Crime is for you. Fight for the underdog grab your attention? Funny, sarcastic men your thing?  Clint Eastwood has produced, directed and acted in this awesome, awesome film. 

I actually watched two Clint Eastwood movies today. What, you think it just took me one film, fantastic as it may be, to fall in love with the guy? The other was “Perfect World”. Kevin Costner is the lead in this one, along with an absolutely adorable child artist called T J Lowther. This one’s a cynical though racy story directed by none other than Eastwood who also plays a rather subdued sheriff on the trail of Kevin Costner’s dashing convict on the run. It’s a touching story, funny in the most unexpected of places and has one of the most heart rending climaxes. It isn’t every day that I find my jaded self weeping at the end of a movie. Maybe tomorrow I’ll watch the Honkytonk Man.

And for all those of you, friends and strangers, who have been calling and asking why don’t I write more frequently, saying things like 'I’ve been waiting for your next piece' - to all of you I want to say thank you for making me feel like I'm Vikram Seth or something. Forgive this writer’s block – sometimes too many things happening is as awful and as ennui inducing as nothing happening! Maybe once I shift to Lonavla, the muse will strike again. The hills will inspire.

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