Thursday, October 28, 2010

An ordinary morning

I had made some beginning of Term 5 resolutions - no more ODing on coffee, in bed by one a.m., alert in the 8.a.m. classes, no more Facebook...and so on.

It's quarter to 4 in the morning. I don't know how many cups of coffee I've been drinking, but it's been quite a  productive night. I've read two chapters in International Finance (two chapters done, five to go, exam tomorrow), reviewed a friend's resume, written and submitted two extremely pretentious essays - "Are we Breeding Ourselves to Death?" was the title of one. I should sleep.I have a class six hours from now and an exam twenty nine hours from now.

I feel happy. I'm remembering my evening and smiling - about how I spent two hours sitting in the garden with two of my best buddies on campus, grumbling about a billion things, including how I just don't seem to have time! And I'm scrolling through the FB status updates of the four hundred ISBians on my buddy list, chatting with people about random stuff (there are sixteen of them online at this point in time), listening to some old 60s and 70s favorite songs....

..... and I don't feel sleepy at all.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hall of Fame ? Not Really..

So the first foray of the Sunday Brunch Club was not an unqualified success. The food was forgettable and the service simply awful. But did we enjoy ourselves? I think so. Is the president of the club, i.e. me, going to be impeached? I don't think so. Are we going to Taj Deccan's brunch next Sunday? I hope so. :)

Minutes of the first club meeting :
1. Anant, Mehul, Jaideep and Anmol tried really hard to push for my impeachment followed by a presidential election , but gave up when I convinced them that when an ex-officer becomes president, it is usually for life.
2. Neha made friends with her German exchange student Simon. We like him.
3. Anant had tacos that looked like masala papad and Anurag had a long island iced tea that looked like nothing on earth.
4. Mehul appointed himself the marketing coordinator for the club and Jaideep picked the post of Events Coordinator.
5. The post of Transport coordinator and Treasurer are still open. Our super CA Mehul did not inspire much confidence while splitting the bill..."We're 200 bucks short...who's not paid up?...No wait, we have 500 bucks extra...Who paid more.....?"
6. We had unanimous agreement on never EVER visiting the Hall of Fame again. Nor will we recommend it to anyone we like. But then again, as Neha said ...the place has huge screens and comfortable couches. Not bad for watching matches and drinking beer. Just don't order the tacos.

Next week (or the week after that): Taj Deccan (or someplace else).

Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Sunday Brunch Club is born

Dear everyone,
Welcome to the Sunday Brunch Club, created by me today. Idle mind and what not.
The first brunch will be at the Hall of Fame :
Coming up in the weeks to come –
(As Rahul pointed out, we have only 20 Sundays left; let’s make the most of them J)
1.       Fusion 9
2.       Okra, Mariott
3.       Little Italy
4.       Angeethi
5.       The Grand Wok
6.       Zafran exotica
7.       Ista
8.       Taj Deccan
9.       Novotel
10.    Taj Krishna
(this is my tentative list based on blogs/reviews. Suggestions are welcome. But since I have created the club, the final decision will be, you-know-whose...)

Call whoever you like - forward the invite to all your foodie buddies.
Send me your confirmations by tomorrow so I can call up the place and book. Transport not provided by the SBC – only bookings, and entertaining and insightful company.
Whether it’s 4 people or fourteen...Let’s just go !!

I got replies within the hour : 
Awesomme idea Manjot... I am so happy to hv made d cut. We foodies rock.Yash....
Awesome idea! I am in and so is Komal J....Namita Pant....

Awesome work !! 

Lol! J...
Anmol Joneja...

Dr Sundeep Reddivari...

Oh jee, shukriya, vadda changa plan hainga!!!  Hun to aana hi aana hai!!! 
Gaurav Shukla...

hey great idea! 
Ananya Ukil....

Brilliant Brilliant idea :)
...oh n also gr8 list..
Ipshita Sinha...

This is awesome!!! I'm floored.. Member already. Any core positions open? :P ...
Hum ko count kar lijiyega madamjee…Regards,Udayan....

Hey Manjot, 
Put my name also in the list(if its not too late). 

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