Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Back in Hyderabad....

26 April 2011
Luxor Residency, Hyderabad

This is all it needed to get my brain working again! 5 km of running on the ISB treadmill with a songlist beginning with “Just the way you are” and ending  by “waka waka”. By the end of the 2nd kilometer, i was smiling like I hadnt smiled in two weeks...I had missed this happy face I see in the mirror today!

At  9.30 pm today, as I was leaving the gym, happy and sweaty and dizzy, for a good 5 seconds, I lost track of time. I was walking and thinking....I will reach home, call up Neha, Shally, Maggu and Girish to ask them what their dinner plans are before I get into the shower....I looked up and saw a tall guy walking with a tiny slip of a girl and my mind said- “Haresh and Ipsita”!
I smiled and raised my hand to say Hi and THEN it hit me. Oh no, no, no.

But the good part is that this realisation did not make me as sad as it would have last week.....It’s over, and it’s ok. I’m happy we had what we had for as long as we had it, but it really could not have lasted forever. Now we will learn to manage long distance friendships, we will learn to let go, and we will make new friends. There’s so much to look forward to. 

Had dinner at Goel, with Anmol, Aarthi, Vedha, Navneet and Sumit, and teased Anmol about the eleven cups of dahi on his plate....Thank God, somethings haven't changed. 

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