Monday, June 21, 2010

I've been here for more than two months - ten weeks and two days precisely. I'm at the school that Financial Times ranked no. #$ in the list of the world's best B-schools, surrounded by 579 brilliant minds, being tutored by a jaw droppingly impressive faculty, I can now make sense of a Solver report....but I don't want to write about all that. I will, but not tonight.
One memory stands out in this 10 weeks of organised madness. Finishing lunch after the morning's classes, as I picked up my bag to leave, Amit Dhingra, who was eating at the same table as mine, asked - "Going back to village? I'll come with you."

Sunday, June 20, 2010

My Macroeconmics book says about chain weighting -

Chain weighting. The US and many other countries, too now uses a method that's somewhere between fixed weight and xed-basket methods: chain-weighting. It mitigates some of the problems of applying the same prices over long periods of time (when relative prices often change dramatically), but doesn't eliminate them. If we told you exactly what it is, your eyes would glaze over. But trust us, it's an improvement.

 I read this and laughed out loud, and continued laughing, for five minutes. Something terrible has happened to my sense of humour.

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