Tuesday, July 21, 2009


The steps feel damp as I sit on them
a cup of warm adrak chai in my hand
The garden looks like the dream of some mad painter
the puddles are blue, sometimes grey
it's so so beautiful
the mists roll beyond, and I want to sing some song....have no idea which one.

I sip my tea
and realize I feel gratitude,
and making lists has always been a hobby-

near perfect health
loving family
dreams as big as the universe
a friend's visit to look forward to
memories that warm me up, instantly

freefalling at 14000 feet,
jogging in the rain
the view from Renoke
.."You're my best friend..."
..."We're so proud of you..."
..."You can everything you want, you can be anything you want to be....It's you after all!"
..."You're so beautiful..."
the patient who said with tears in her eyes today-"Thank you, I feel better.."

I take another sip
and say it, out loud

Thank you, God


  1. its not really a poem, but it is beautiful......beautiful thoughts indeed!

  2. i love how it comes straight from the heart, no pretence.

    :) and i love how it has just truth in it.

  3. Beautiful ... yup, thats the only way to describe it. Reading it makes me happy.

  4. Doctor, Fauji, Avid reader, Adventure enthusiast, Story-teller, Writer, and now......
    Also a poet!!!

    Believe-it-or-not description of a single person! :-)

  5. too touched by your thoughts....n the pic explain the rest....very well said..


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