Friday, February 26, 2010

On the Best Wedding Ever

Professor Jeffery Sachs is my new hero. I’ve been reading his book – “The End of Poverty” for the last 10 days and it is more unputdownable than a Ruth Rendell whodunit. But this post is not about him, nor the book. Today I’m sitting marveling over the fact that I have somehow reached this place in my life where Fiscal Deficit makes more sense than Fibrous Dysplasia. That my desire to understand the physiognomy of Inflation seems far more than the curiosity I ever had for the pathophysiology of Ischemia. And that it’s exactly two weeks ago that Jitu got married.

Jitu is my brother. His name is Jivtesh Singh and he prefers being called Jivi, which is what we call him when his friends are around. He’s my best friend and he saves me a lot of money that I might otherwise have had to pay a psychiatrist. Other than being the best brother anyone could have, he’s a also very thoughtful son and a brilliant entrepreneur. For the last two weeks he’s also being a dream husband to a quiet and gentle creature who adores him.

Was it only 26 days ago that I went to Hyderabad? What a memorable month this February has been.

Sunday, January 31, 2010.
ISB Interview.

I spent the day exploring the campus with Anu, convinced more and more that this is the place I wanted to spend the rest of the year at. The interview itself was an extremely stimulating experience; far from the ‘friendly conversation’ that is sold so charmingly at the information sessions. But after six weeks of lazy lounging at home, I enjoyed pitting wits with three rather interesting people. But my heart did sink when I realized that I had spent no more than thirteen minutes with the panel – how could they possibly know what a great person I am in such short time? I knew the next 15 days were going to be difficult. As things turned out I had no time to fret about the Feb 15 deadline for the result. Thank you, Jitu.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010. Delhi.
9:00 PM.

Call from Jitu –
J - “So how was the interview?”
Me – About me you asked. It was ok I think….I’m not sure. I know I’ll bite my nails over the next two weeks.
J- You never bite your nails Manu. Anyway I’m going to give you more stuff to worry about. Are you sitting down?
M- Huh?
J- Sit down or at least hold on to something. I have news. Big news.
M – (palpitating, no kidding) Stop being melodramatic. Tell me.
J- Can you come to Chandigarh, like immediately?
J- Rubal’s parents came and met Mom and Dad today. We’re getting married on the 12th. Can yo come and help me shop?
M- What? That’s only 10 days from now!!
J- Yes. Can you come quickly, please? Papa is getting hysterical.

Jivi, in Lonavala

to be continued....


  1. I like the label associated with this blog post. However, too short, its like a starter for a 5 course meal. :)

  2. can't wait for remaining story.

  3. where is the rest of it..m craving for more..its like heroin..come on more frequently so that us earthlings can take a peek into an envious life!!

  4. Interesting beginning to the story!! eagerly waiting for more....


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