Saturday, February 26, 2011

46 weekends down, 5 to go....

Friday, 23 February, 2011
7.00 p.m.- 8.30 p.m.: Ate like a pig at the Bengali food festival at Swagat de Royale.
9.30 p.m.-12.00 a.m.: Watched Tanu weds Manu at Miyapur Talkie Town, in Miyapur.
Yes, there is such a place. It reminded me of my med school days...the rickety chairs, the crowd that expresses its joy at every kick and every kiss...nostalgia!

Saturday, 24 February, 2011
1.00 a.m. to 3.00 a.m.: Played Cluedo and Carrom at Rec Centre Pyjama party.
Thank you Srishti and gang, for yet another memorable campus party.
3.00 a.m to 5.00 a.m.:Walked around the campus analysing Elephant and Ant jokes.
Girish - How did the elephant know that the ant was hiding in the temple?
Neha - Because he saw her slippers outside the temple!
Mehul - So basically ants are stupid.
Future world leaders, the ISB brochure calls us....
5.00 a.m. to 12.00 p.m.: Slept
12.30 p.m to 1.30 a.m.: Breakfast with Anmol. Finalized the Goa itinerary and talked about a billion random things.
2.00 p.m. to 4.00 p.m.: Lunch with Mehul. Finalized the Tirupati itinerary and talked about a billion random things.
5.00 p.m - I'm off to Tirupati

ONE of these events per weekend would have earned the universe so much gratitude from me. ALL of it in one weekend....I'm speechless with wonder at how blessed I am. Thank you God. 


  1. This post captures perfectly what a day in the life of ISB is like, and we've had more than 300 of these.

  2. Just read this again, thanks to Mojo. I would have typed a comment but I see that on March 8, 2011 I already wrote the exact words I was thinking of now.


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