Sunday, December 9, 2007

The days in between....

Would these magical days have been so magical if I had decided to stay in the mess instead of with the Boses? Logic, experience and well meaning friends say that too much of being together can kill affection like nothing else can. “Ok, so they’re great friends of yours - go to their house for dinner, go everyday if you want, and go spend a Sunday with them - but don’t stay with them for two weeks!!” And yet, here I am, having defied logic, pooh poohed the well meaning friends.

Bhavna wakes up with me every morning at four a.m., we have a minor battle every day about whether I should have breakfast and go. I say - “Look it’s still dark outside. As far as I’m concerned it’s still middle of the night! I can’t have breakfast at 4.30 in the morning!” And then she says, “You’re the doctor! You’re the one who’s supposed to know how important breakfast is!” The same argument, everyday. We compromise with Bhavna putting in biscuits, nuts and an apple in my bag - all of which I eat with so much thankfulness at 11 am. When I come back, drained and ready to drop dead at 7 pm, Aryan is all geared up to spend some quality time with “Muh Aunty”, and I suddenly find myself equal to all mischief he needs. I’ve been called lots of things but I really, really adore being “Muh Aunty”. Bose sir and Bhavna turn out to be the best listeners anyone could ask for - every story; every one of my trials and triumphs receives the kind of attention it deserves. I lie sprawled on the carpet, sipping coffee; talking about all the dumb things I did and said at the skydiving camp - it’s like being home.
In spite of my daily declarations and plans to be in bed by nine, I have not done it even once. I’m in a new city, there are unlimited places to see for the first time - am I going to let a 14-hr day skydiving course get in the way of so much discovery? So thank God for Gary. Gary is Siddharth Garekar, the best buddy of two of my best buddies. We met for lunch last week because we are both planning to take the GMAT next year and we wanted to swap notes. Life can surprise you so much with such sudden friends sometimes. We have gone out practically everyday since then. And no one has talked about the GMAT except for that first time. It turns out that we have so much more in common than the fact that we have common friends, more than the fact that both of us are such losers at romantic relationships, more than crazy dreams of switching careers !! This guy is such an amazing listener (or maybe I give him no choice). And he's game for painting the town red any time. Poor guy says that he driven more in the last week than in the last six months! I hereby give Vizag an honoured place in my list of Most Favourite Cities Ever.

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  1. Wow, you are so lucky to have such amazing people around you.

    Actually, they are all equally lucky.


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