Friday, April 11, 2008

Endless Night...

April 10 - 11, 2008
2245: Reach my room, falling apart at every seam. Have just taken a Paracetamol, post dinner. I so hate it when I’m sick. And this is my 7th episode of tonsillopharyngitis in 12 months.
2300: Gargle with Disprin..Get into bed all bundled up in my feel good pyjamas….dare I use the thermometer? If my fever is higher than 100 deg F, I will start panicking and missing mummy. Dare I?

2305: The thermometer says 101.5. Pop one more PCM. Start listening to Chapter 26 of Psmith In The City. Should send me into a happy sleep.
0005: Finish listening to Chapter 28. Pop in the thermometer again. 102.5
0006: Cry for 10 minutes.
0016: Call up Jitu. Cry some more.
0030: Splash water over my feet and face. Pop thermometer again. 102.5 deg F….@!$@%$#^%$#!!
0035: Wrap myself up. Go and sit in the garden with my audiobook and earphones.. Maybe someone talkative will be about. I need some sympathy and conversation.
0045: Finish Chapter 29 of Psmith In The City. And the only company I find are mosquitoes who have chewed my ankles through.
0055: Back in my bed. Will sleep. WILL NOT see that stupid thermometer again.
0100: Put the thermometer in my axilla again. 102 Deg F. Arey! Theek ho raha hai! I’ll sleep now.
0130: Up again. I feel hungry. Gobble up a banana. One more round of gargles. Switch on computer. Download a few chapters of Northanger Abbey. That should help me sleep. Log on to gmail and viciously decline and delete 8 contacts from . I will not even read a profile that has the word ‘homely’ in it. Nor ‘slim’ nor ‘beautiful’. Nor ‘cultural values’. What does that mean anyway?
0145: Find Sapna online. She tells me in great detail how to burn 8 red chilies to get rid of my fever- she’s convinced someone’s cursed me. I love it that she cares so much. Thank God for friends. If I could find red chilies in the middle of the night I might just have done this, I think.
0150: Thermometer says 100.00 deg F. Thank God. To bed.


  1. The only person I know who at 102 deg -
    1. See the funny side of things
    2. Would find creative energy to write a blog post

    Enough said!
    And Slim and beautiful should pass ... if "tall" passes :-)

  2. I was on night duty ...logged to my gmail account soon after 2 hrs of heavy round in the hospital...was very sleepy n saw sweet, beautifut n intelligent friend.....cudnt resist myself talking to her....came to know that she had high temperature...felt really bad .she had already taken 2 PCM n temp. wasnt coming down....i had a strong feeling that somebody has cursed her.....n started explaining her a totaka to get it done by her frnd n somehow i had a feeling that she 'll be fine...i know u all will be thinking what sort of doctor m i , who beleives in all these superstitions....but trust me i have myself tried n it has worked.....
    i just wanted manu to be fine by what ever way either by totaka or any medicine...because i knew how she must be feeling lying lonely in her bed with high temp n no one to take care of her...
    and trust me friends after one hour when again i asked manu how was she... she was feeling better with almost normal temp 99..though she couldnt get the totaka done but probably it was all pschological effect....i m happy it worked frnd is fine n just gone to sleep....i'll do the nt

  3. It was heartening to listening to her experience of dat nite.She has been troubled such temperature, bad throat very often in last one month.She never woke up any body in d nite . It is not true dat dere is no body to take care of some body down loke dat.There are so many of us(rockets) . Just a tinkle would have changed d course of d nite.Nevertheless she is keepin fine now, n takin care of others also(her primary duty).Next time any trouble of any sort...hello Doc kudi..u need not call somebody hundred of miles away , but people next door.

  4. Hey Manjot,
    Came across your blog on sikhnet. Your writing style is very unique and i love the sarcasm.
    With the whole marriage thing..i was on the same boat as you as most Indian men have that ideal picture of the perfect indian woman in their heads.
    Just wondering..are you looking for someone from the same religion/culture as you.

  5. lol - 100 C is not normal girl, anyways - hope u r doing great now.


  6. Great stuff from you, man. Ive read your stuff before and youre just too awesome. I love what youve got here, love what youre saying and the way you say it. You make it entertaining and you still manage to keep it smart. I cant wait to read more from you. This is really a great blog.


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