Friday, November 28, 2008


Although it is the usual thing that we hear (and say) about terrorists and terrorism all the time – that it is mindless, that it achieves no purpose – I’m beginning to wonder about this, for the very first time.

I like to understand the rationale behind things. It’s important for me to know what drives people. I may not approve or admire, but I can usually get into most people’s heads and comprehend what it is that leads them to whatever paths they choose in life. It is this one particular establishment that continues to mystify me. The supply, the demand, the infrastructure and the driving force of the terrorism industry – I need to figure it out. Does it really serve no purpose at all? When I say purpose, I don’t mean some goal aimed at the greater good of the universe; but at least some gains, for the parties carrying out these grand activities are expected. Would such a large body of people spend so much time and energy, giving up lives (their own included) in the process if they did not foresee some serious achievable gains in sight? Or are they really as misguided as all these vociferous speakers would have me believe? So misguided that they would expend so much, motivated purely by the thoughts of undoing the wrongs done to their community/sect/religion? I find it difficult to believe that a group of people would have the vision to plan activities of such magnitude and the grit to carry them through – all the while do it without an agenda. Or worse, an agenda as elementary as a desire to spread fear and wreck revenge. That’s it? Spending so much money, dedicating whole lives – just to scare people? It has to be more than that.

I’m willing to concede that your regular militant may have been motivated by the thoughts of the rightful revenge. That, and the thoughts of the 72 virgins waiting in heaven. But the guys at the top must have more. Wreck revenge, terrify people and earn God’s love – all very fascinating I’m sure – but are they enough to make someone dedicate his whole life into planning and materializing grandiose modes of destruction? All the fundraising, all the technology shopping, all the human resource recruitment and the state of the art training – is meant to achieve….what, exactly? I plan to spend some serious time trying to find what it is that drives so many people to such single minded devotion.


  1. One of the reasons is shortage of females available for marriage :(

    Read more here -

    "On average, he found that Muslim countries had sex ratios of 102 men for every 100 women, although it can go as high as 125 men for every 100 women in Saudi Arabia, for example.

    Rose McDermott, a professor of political science at the University of California at Santa Barbara, says the topic raises hackles because many researchers don't want to acknowledge differences in male and female behavior. Ms. McDermott and Richard Wrangham, a professor of anthropology at Harvard, are studying more than 60 African countries to figure out the relationship between gender — sex ratios, the number of women in the workforce — and internal and interstate violence. They are especially interested in the role of polygamy.

    "Historically, when large groups of men can't get married they hang out together and they become monks or marauding bands that rob, rape and pillage," Ms. McDermott said. "Where do you think terrorist groups come from?" "

  2. i think for some part its the similar something that is in the head of serial killers....jack the ripper....theres some kinda pleasure they derive from doing thats not socially acceptable....for the others could be revenge for smthing that they believe exists but i reality it doesnt....there could be many reasons not just one

  3. Being right there in the thick of action on 27 Nov 08, my analysis of the situation is somewhat serious. It happened right in my backyard. Somehow, I cannot derive any humor out of the whole issue 
    Some decisions change our lives forever…. I think it’s the same with a militant. It is that one rash decision to take to terrorism, is the culminating event in the life of every terrorist.
    But the process that leads to this decision is a ‘multi-system disorder’. Money, I think, is the most important factor, more so when someone decides to take the path at a later age.
    Right and wrong is a purely subjective matter. The age of 10-20 is when a person is formulating his list of ‘rights and wrongs’ in life. During this period, If one can do something that changes a yougster’s concept of reward and punishment, one can lure him into terrorism. There is always one crook who does the brain-washing. He takes the advantage of the confusions and aggression in the mind of an adolescent. Hence, misinterpretation of religion, taking advantage of the confusion and money (in that order) influence a youngster take that one-rash-decision.
    As for the perpetrators (the top bosses as u have mentioned), I think it is plain lust for money and power that lures them into this business. Funding for such large scale operations is difficult. And crook governments help take care of that aspect.
    It is so sad that the energy of youth is channelized in this direction. That is where some discipline can help……..

  4. yes..veryy interesting question you have posed there..the main reason i think it might be is because they find the world to be a doomed place. Different to the other ppl in the world, they might be susceptible to what goes on around them..most of us just take for granted what we do, yet never actually consider what simple things we're doing right now, are or were very complicated. I know destruction and death is taking it WAYY too far, but i think it is safe to say that normal things like..petitions, cults, propaganda, never actually reach out to the general they have to result in these extreme measures..please dont think im supporting just placing myself in their shoes and replying to ur post :P their idea of social popularity is to belong in a reformed world, where THEY wont have any problems controlling..however if they accumulate their could mean a serious prob for the rest of us..anotehr thing i would liek to comment on is that, just because most Islamic people are becoming terrorists, it does not (some ppl do no realise it) but they are the minority...the 98% of them are caring, bright ppl, who love to learn liek the rest of us..

    hehee..ive jst realised this is veryyy long..sorry bout that :P..
    how have u been? we miss u all over here :)


  5. Hey D.
    Some of what you say makes sense...And I most of all I agree that it is so unfair to judge all Muslims on the basis of what about a handful of them say and do. Even though that handful is really loud and frightening, it is still only a handful.

    Who are you , by the way?

  6. but terrorists are like other ppl...they only think differently.. to us. maybe one day they will see sense in what they are doing wrong n realise that such extreme measures are wrong...hopefully :P
    but please consider this Q..'if you were an outcast to society..what would u do?' try to put urself in their the world such a terrible place that we have to resort to violence? or is it one that can be ignored by most, but 'resolved' quickly?

    i'm jst a visitor to ur webpage..must say i find ur 'rants' interesting :)

    by the way..i read 'the last lecture'..veryyy sensitive book :) u and leena have good choices :P


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