Thursday, October 28, 2010

An ordinary morning

I had made some beginning of Term 5 resolutions - no more ODing on coffee, in bed by one a.m., alert in the 8.a.m. classes, no more Facebook...and so on.

It's quarter to 4 in the morning. I don't know how many cups of coffee I've been drinking, but it's been quite a  productive night. I've read two chapters in International Finance (two chapters done, five to go, exam tomorrow), reviewed a friend's resume, written and submitted two extremely pretentious essays - "Are we Breeding Ourselves to Death?" was the title of one. I should sleep.I have a class six hours from now and an exam twenty nine hours from now.

I feel happy. I'm remembering my evening and smiling - about how I spent two hours sitting in the garden with two of my best buddies on campus, grumbling about a billion things, including how I just don't seem to have time! And I'm scrolling through the FB status updates of the four hundred ISBians on my buddy list, chatting with people about random stuff (there are sixteen of them online at this point in time), listening to some old 60s and 70s favorite songs....

..... and I don't feel sleepy at all.


  1. Just saw this blog. You are a wonderful writer, doc :) Lovely flow to all the pieces, which is pretty rare.

    I used to write for a living before coming to ISB and as such, irrespective of how lousy our writing is, we are a pompous lot who seldom come out of our falsely inflated ego-cocoons to applaud other writing. So, given that context this is high praise indeed :D :)

  2. Yaar - kabhi kabhar garden mein baithne hume bhi bula liya karo!!! Maana ki hum "two of my best buddies on campus" mein se ek nahi hain, par kise pata - ban to sakte hain, agar tum mauka do :-)


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