Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Long weekends and adventurous friends 

I love these, as I love this Scotland of the East
The mists are hazy, and the rafting is crazy
So thank you Coorg, for so many things

the roads through the jungle

the home-stay, and the taboo
the Namdroling monastery

Hunting high and low, for the elusive coorgi food
Struggling against forces that threaten to kill the mood

the silly jokes
and friends who let you be

The never ending curiosity - I wonder what lies behind THAT bend?
If this is madness, may the madness never end.


  1. Aha, lovely post, captures almost every aspect of our legendary trip...and "the mists are hazy, and the rafting is crazy" wins the award for the most cheesy line :P

  2. Wow, Beautiful!! Coorg Tourism wants to hire you.

  3. Very well written my friend. This one's for you!

    Then there was a multifaceted doctor named Kaur

    Who was so fit that soldiers would cower

    She was adept at opening marines with her scalpel

    Now she spends all day advising clients via excel

    However, beating her at Scrabble was Spanky’s finest hour


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