Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Somewhere I belong..

Insomnia strikes
Every once in a while.
I go take walks at 3 a.m.
and listen to that pink floyd and linkin park folder.
These are nights when the world feels like it belongs to me.
and every song makes perfect sense.

But I always wonder
if it's worth it.
I'd rather not understand Comfortably Numb
Not feel one with the universe
Not see the big picture

I'd prefer the sleep.


  1. I loved your blog, your blogs are lucid and interesting to read. Keep writing , will keep reading

  2. Its 05:24am (am possibly suffering from an insomnia bout myself) and what better a time to comment on this :)

    Nice versatility... Very different from your last post... Couldn't convey a typical B-School night better...

    I particularly liked the dilemma and then the eventual preference in the last few lines

    Way to go gal...

  3. Wow... Loved ur blog manjot...great... keep writing... as i'll keep reading...


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