Saturday, February 19, 2011

ISB, I miss you already....

I remember and smile now, that sometime in end-April last year, I googled 'due diligence' because I was too embarrassed to ask these people who spoke in such foreign and fascinating tongues. April 2010 to January 2011- nine months of gestation which have created this new me. A strange creature, less giddy, more aware and more thoughtful - I love this version. Manjot2.0.

It was nine months of struggling to understand exactly what it was that I wanted to do post MBA. From being half sure that hospital operations would be my end goal, to enthusiastically looking forward to a career in healthcare consulting, what a thrilling journey it has been. It was nine months of wrapping my mind around brand new concepts; it's hard to remember how I understood life before beta and batna were parts of it. Nine months of crazy friendships - with friends who would think nothing of spending hours explaining things to me, all the while making sure not one opportunity to make fun of me was lost, of course. I will never forget how Neha ploughed my brain and planted regression into it like it had never been done before. And was so proud when I scored one mark more than her in the Stats exam. Peer learning was just a phrase last year; it is now what has recreated my thought process and perhaps my life's direction.

Nine months that culminated at 1800 hrs14 Jan 2011, with these words -"Manjot, we really like you, and we would like to make you an offer." Awww. I know they say that to every one, and yet it sounds so wonderful.


  1. Wish u tons of joy and success in this new version..
    All the best Manjot 2.0 :)

  2. And while you didn't realise, there is so much we all learnt from you... You were the most wonderful person around - always cheerful, helpful and most sporting to take a joke cracked on you. Deloitte is a smart company; they have got the best of ISB with them now :-)

    Good wishes always

  3. Manjot 2.0 can be explained through geeky jargon. When Manjot 1.0 came to ISB it was up for a version upgrade. While choosing modifications you always had Manjot 1.0 as your BATNA.

    Consider the multi-factor regression:
    Manjot 2.0 = [Beta1 x Neha 2.0] + [Beta2 x Shally 2.0] + [Beta3 x Mehul 2.0] + .... upto n friends.
    Higher Beta for closer friends.

  4. hehe...nice one...
    n after 9 months of gestation all u can remember me is for regression!...booo!!!! :P
    btw...i wish there was a "like" for Mehul's comment ;)


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